High-Quality Hearing Aid Devices in Miranda and Hurstville

We offer choice, flexibility in the device chosen, and are price competitive

Over the last 10 years the hearing aid industry has changed and many small independent hearing centres have been bought out by large hearing aid manufacturers, in Australia and also in Sydney. This has resulted in many clinics only fitting one brand of hearing aid. Telex Hearing Centre is an independent, owner operated family clinic and we have access to ALL the leading hearing aid brands ( ie. Phonak, GN Resound, Unitron , etc). This means we can offer you an unbiased opinion on the current hearing aids on the market and help you choose the best product for your hearing and communication needs, rather than just picking the most suitable from a restricted list.

As an independent hearing aid clinic in Sydney, we offer various brands and an unbiased consultation. We will review your needs for the different areas you have difficulty hearing in and offer the best hearing solution for you.

We will choose the best hearing aid for you based on many individual factors such as; degree of hearing loss, the shape of your hearing loss, lifestyle needs, physical management requirements, cosmetic concerns and your budget. Given all of these variables, for us to prescribe the most suitable hearing aid, it is very important for us to conduct a comprehensive hearing aid assessment.